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Half Time pilot

Top Dog has been filming a tv pilot called 'Half Time' which is a project that has been bubbling under for many years. It's a comedy drama about two commentators at the small but heroic non-league club Bromsfield Town. Ben is the seasoned commentator trying to resurrect his career after a catastrophic panic attack during an FA cup final while commentating for the BBC. Goeff, his pundit companion in the commentry box, is a Bromsfield legend whose career was cut short by a knee injury but still retains the unbridled enthusiasm for the club. Other characters include Lucy, the slightly wired owner who is fighting back bankrupcy, and Colin, the club's mascot who's regularly pelted with batteries during his half time entertainment routine. We meet all our characters only during the half time break where, to coin a phrase, it could go either way - in life as in football. We're in the edit now, and will have more news on this project soon.

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