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Jim North

Jim is a Perrier-nominated writer and performer. He got his first break on Grange Hill (though not as Tucker, Benny or Alan), has written and performed extensively for radio and TV and film, and has awards from the LA, New York, Cannes and British Film Festivals on his mantelpiece.

On radio

Co-wrote and performed in three series of The Bigger Issues  and four series of The Hudson and Pepperdine ShowProduced Rum Bunch and performed in Stormchasers, Dave Against The Machine and The Music Teacher and Mr Muzak – all  Top Dog Productions for BBC Radio 4. 


Presents cult Japanese game show, Ninja WarriorCo-wrote the Rose D'Or winning Fur TV and his goofy face has cropped up in numerous TV shows and ad campaigns.

On stage

Co-founder of Talking Birds theatre company and wrote and performed in Perrier-nominated The Arthur Dung Show.

On film

Wrote Ripple, winner of the LA Film Festival Comedy Award and Sexy Tuesdays, winner of Best Short at the London 48 Hour Film Festival.


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