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Nick Walker

Nick is a Perrier-nominated writer who works extensively in theatre and radio. He’s got two top-notch novels under his belt and has a sideline lecturing in theatre and creative writing.

On radio

Wrote three series of The First King of Mars (starring Peter Capaldi), three series of The Bigger Issues, two plays (Stormchasers, Lifecoach), a Scandinavian thriller series Annika Stranded, and directed The Music Teacher (a Top Dog Production) - all for BBC Radio 4.


Currently writing a new drama series for BBC1.

On stage

Founder and staff writer with Talking Birds theatre company, devised and wrote sell-out show We Love You City, and regularly collaborates with the UK’s most innovative theatre companies, most recently with NoFit State on their international hit, Barricade.

In print

Author of two critically acclaimed novels Blackbox and Helloland. His third, Boomtown, is out in 2014. 

Latest From Nick Walker's Blog

Half Time pilot

Top Dog has been filming a tv pilot called 'Half Time' which is a project that has been bubbling under for many years. It's a comedy drama about two commentators at the small but heroic non-league club Bromsfield Town.

Big Heart - Big Record

Three days in the studio with Richard Tyrone Jones has netted three episodes of the brand new spoken word sitcom, Big Heart. Following heart failure on his 30th birthday, we follow the eponymous Richard as he learns to live with this new normal, and work out just how hard he can push his life before his implanted cardioverter defibrillator electrocutes his heart.

Brain Food

Some might think that we here at Top Dog HQ have jettisoned our tax-payer subsided university education in order to make cheap gags on late night radio.

Summer Radio Daze

So now the transmission dates are in, it seems we have a perfect storm in week 29, which, in normal parlance is the week of the 8th July.