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Dave Against The Machine

4 x 30 min late night comedy drama
BBC Radio 4
May 2011

Dave Railings is a conspiracy theorist. He has dedicated his life to exposing the ghastly truth that lies behind almost all of our assumptions about the way the world works. He is also determined to find out once and for all who killed his dad. The only person in the world Dave trusts is the man he lives with, his brother Jim. But Jim’s had just about enough of Dave, he doesn’t believe in any of his conspiracy theories anymore, and he’s not altogether convinced that their dad is even dead.

Dave Railings Dave Lamb
Jim Railings Jim North
Nigel Spikes Nick Walker
Geoff Brown Richie Webb
Queenie/Jill/Hannan Jess Robinson
Callious/Katie Carrie Quinlan

Written by Dave Lamb
Script edited by Anil Gupta
Directed by Adam Tandy
Produced by Richie Webb