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Life of Barry

1 x 15 minute Non-broadcast pilot

In a sitting room in Watford Barry (82) and Margaret (81) stand over a dusty old reel to reel that Barry’s brought down from the loft. He turns a chunky switch to “record” and the quarter inch tape begins to spool - time to “leave something behind” for future generations.

Barry wants to be remembered as a sort of cross between Bulldog Drummond and Max Miller, so he’s going to tell this machine a series of rip-roaring anecdotes and dress them up as tales from his own life. Margaret is going to bring Barry refreshments and correct him. The show becomes a fluid mix of chaotic narration and dramatizations in flashback in which Barry appears as a younger, more heroic version of himself.

Barry Alex Lowe
Margaret Margaret Jackman
Young Margaret Jess Robinson
Jack Burridge Dean Coulson

Written by Alex Lowe, Dave Lamb and Richie Webb
Audio Production Matt Katz
Produced by Dave Lamb and Richie Webb